Friday, June 8, 2012

Day Four: Raw Eggs and Steeled Determination

After much trepidation, I decided against making the mayonnaise yesterday. I don't know why, but the raw egg is creeping me out. I need a pep talk to make this stuff! My mom tried to convince me that it was safe and completely edible, but I'm terrified of becoming violently ill from a batch of homemade mayo! Oddly enough, before it was time to actually make the stuff, I was a tad bit excited to be trying my hand at another new (and economically beneficial) recipe. But, now I'm struck with terror thinking about the Salmonella Scourge that might overcome our house. Do you think that cave people ate raw eggs? Or did they always cook them? Maybe Do-Do bird eggs didn't pose a salmonella risk like chicken eggs do.
In other news, I'm beginning to realize that it's not so difficult to live without the foods I cannot have (grains and dairy especially) as long as they are not at my immediate disposal. However, plop them down in front of me and I become weak in the knees and might even be seen trembling! When I walked into work last night, there was a veritable Panera Bread buffet in our kitchen. Loaves of luscious looking bread, perfectly plump bagels, bearclaws oozing their sweet sugary goodness, sandwiches that smelled just as good as they appeared and three different types of salads, not to mention the scrumptious looking toppings for all of these goodies and the delicious sounding drinks. OH MY GOODNESS! I had to steel my determination and make a healthy decision. Rather than indulging in the goodness of a Sierra Turkey sandwich or a French Toast Bagel with cream cheese, I opted for a huge Classic Salad instead and ate it with some of my leftover Caribbean Lime Chicken from yesterday. It was so delicious, though, not quite as delicious as a savory turkey sandwich with a side of potato chips and a crisp pickle would have been.
I am not one to toot my own horn, typically, but I have actually been doing a great job at resisting temptation. My husband has a can of Pringles that I swear follows me around the house taunting and laughing at me with their duckbilled mouths. But, I've been good. I have resisted. I think I've gotten to the point where I have come to realize that my health is really so much more important than any food I can eat. This a HUGE step for me! Maybe the Whole30 really is changing my life.
I don't have any fun recipes to share today because I stuck to leftovers, however, I did discover that sweet potatoes and eggs aren't really as bad together as they sound. Here's what I ate:
2 fried eggs
Leftover sweet potato innards formed into patties and "fried"
Chunk light tuna in water wrapped in lettuce leaves
Cucumber slices
Fresh pineapple
Classic Panera salad with oil and vinegar
Leftover Caribbean lime chicken with salsa
Cherry Pie Larabar
I don't know if I want to be a cavewoman if I have to eat raw eggs!!!


  1. I believe the already cracked open raw eggs in the orange juice looking containers at the store are pasteurized, would that make you feel better about using raw eggs? (You can also buy pasteurized eggs, but I'm not sure how easy they are to find).

    1. Denise, do you mean the Egg Beaters type eggs? I'm not 100% sure what eggs you are referring to. However, I might just have to bite the bullet and try it with the eggs I currently have in my refrigerator.

  2. I guess I'm thinking of the egg beater type eggs, but that won't help you with mayo! I say bite the bullet. There's a very small percentage of eggs that possibly have salmonella anyway.


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