Thursday, June 14, 2012

Day Eight: Mayonnaise and Beef

It's not technically Day Eight, but since I didn't read my labels like I needed to on Day Two, I've added two days (in case you were wondering why it doesn't add up).

So, I have found some help for making enough calories in one day--mayonnaise and beef. I haven't tried them together, yet, but this is not completely out of the question for a future creation.

First, you have to truly understand the magnitude of how much this mayonnaise has changed my life. I want to eat it on everything! I am the girl in our family who is known for "not liking mayonnaise." I most typically do not order it on anything and sometimes I have been known to attempt to scrape it off of items that come pre-covered in the gunk. But, lately I'm trying to come up with brilliant dressing and dip ideas so that I can indulge more often. Don't worry, though! I'm not getting all of my calories from the mayonnaise, it just simply makes it easier to get my healthy fats in each day and adds some calories that I wasn't previously eating without adding the bulk of more food. It's amazing! Thank you to all of my friends who encouraged me to bite the proverbial bullet and just go for it!

Beef. It's what's for dinner. Sorry, I couldn't resist! But, seriously, it's what was for dinner yesterday. This is a new development for me. We just don't eat red meat in our home on a regular basis. My husband's GI system is very sensitive to red meat and I prefer ground turkey or chicken over ground beef, so we just simply don't eat the stuff. But, as you well know, I'm trying to find more calories and beef seems to be the easy way to get a few extra kCals in the diet. I made beef and veggie kabobs. Unfortunately, I know nothing about picking cuts of beef. Cavewomen had that thing easy, they would just cook up whatever cut of meat the caveman slung at them earlier in the afternoon. Me? I have to survey the whole gamut of butchered flesh and decide, based on appearance, cost, and size, which piece would most suit my needs. I don't really know anything about what the different cuts are or how they are most appropriately prepared. This past grocery trip, I settled on top round because it seemed to be the trifecta when it came to appearance, cost, and amount. Only problem, it clearly was not the appropriate cut for kabobs. It ended up very dry and tough... something akin to shoe leather. It was super tasty, just not easy to chew. I need to attend a "How to pick the best slab of cow" class.

Please forgive the poor picture quality, it was nearly dark when I was grilling. Clearly, not the ideal time to take a picture.

Eggs with spinach (this is my new favorite egg combo)

Leftover turkey burger (on a bed of spinach, fresh sliced onions and MAYO!)

Beef and veggie kabobs

Raw pecans

I'm starting to think that I might need to be concerned with my cholesterol. I am eating a lot of animal proteins and eggs (which are notorious for being a source of high amounts of cholesterol). I am exercising, though, and the foods I am eating are lean proteins. Does anyone have any insights about this? I have not had a cholesterol problem in the past, I was just giving it some thought. It was suggested to me that I possibly try a garlic supplement. Has anyone used this with successful results? I'd truly appreciate any insight.

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